Emergency Foil Blankets
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Foil Blanket

Compact, silver coloured, metalised, polyester
thermal survival blanket 

Foil blankets help to retain over 90% body heat in survival, emergency and first aid situations.

Also known as survival blankets or emergency thermal blankets, they are commonly used by first aiders in the treatment of shock and hypothermia.

Disposable foil blankets are individually sealed in pocket size poly bags.

Effective even when wet

Can easily be used in conjunction with traditional fabric blankets and other measures to treat shock and hypothermia..



Foil Blankets are ideal for crowd events, e.g. marathons, charity walks, sports and other public events. 

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If you need more than just Foil Blankets we offer an extensive range of Emergency Kits bothStandard and Custom Made to suit your unique requirements.  Contact us or see our online listings
Custom Made Emergency Kits and standard  Emergency Kits.

EVAQ8 Ltd is a London based supplier of emergency kits and safety supplies. We stock a wide range of standard kits including emergency medical packs, vehicle safety kits and 72 hour survival bags and offer a competitive bespoke service.

For those who wish to assemble their own emergency kit or battle box, we have hundreds of emergency preparedness products to choose from.

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  • emergency planning applications, rescue, relief & aid operations
  • emergency preparedness: accidents, floods, severe weather, earth quakes, disasters
  • emergency kit component for business, home, car, travel, office, fire drills etc.
  • outdoor activities & sport e.g. hiking, boating, camping, skiing,
  • events: charity sports and challenge events, outdoor concerts, festivals, gigs, parties
  • many alternative uses e.g. rain catch, heat shield, heat reflector, shade, spa treatments
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Foil Blanket - EVAQ8 is a London based supplier of Emergency Rations, Emergency Kits and Safety Supplies. We have an outstanding record of customer satisfaction ISO 9001:2008 certified - Foil Blanket from evaQ8

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